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New CBD Specialty Store On Union Street: Calyx-Collective

New CBD Specialty Store on Union Street: Calyx-Collective

With CBD in the news every day, with Gronk on the band wagon, with so many options to purchase products, it is a very confusing world of CBD out there!

Calyx-Collective is celebrating six months since opening at Piccadilly Square on Union Street in Newton Centre.  The owner, David Peck, has done all his research and curated a collection of CBD products that he believes are safe and beneficial for health and wellbeing.  His journey started with Lyme Disease in 2014.  Through a friend, he learned about CBD to aid his recovery and then took the deep dive into researching everything about it.

“We’ve developed a loyal customer base in the short time we’ve been open. I like to think it is because people feel they can trust us and know they are getting quality CBD products,” said Peck.

The store is located next to Folklorica and Piccadilly Market.  Pop in to say hi and welcome Calyx-Collective to Union Street!


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